Misfit Venus - Sea Salt + Cedar

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Misfit Venus - Sea Salt + Cedar

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MISFIT CANDLE - This candle has some discoloration because it was exposed to direct sunlight in our store — exposure to continuous sunlight can cause the essential oils to yellow a little bit. This does not effect the performance of the candle at all, but because it has cosmetic blemish you can buy it at a discount!

Our Seasonal Home Collection is an everyday candle that will fit in with your decor and set the perfect ambiance for each season!

Top: Sea Salt

Middle: Cedar, Tonka Bean

Base: Patchouli, Black Musk

This candle is a perfect for the summer. Reminiscent of nights spent on the beach under the stars - it blends a water element with dry earthy tones.

+ our custom soy wax blend contains no animal byproducts. vegan friendly!

12oz Tall Glass Container
Average Burn Time 60 hrs
5 inches tall x 3 inch diameter

Summer Notice candles are temperature sensitive - wax will melt if left in high heat or direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Please consider your shipping address or use the provided tracking number to ask the post office to hold your item for pick up.

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