Drinking in Providence

Quick List of Bars I would recommend

Ogies Trailer Park -  Its a bar based around American kitsch that is clean, fun and has a great drink menu alongside their gourmet tater tots. Weekends can be pretty lively here.

The Avery - the bar is set in front of a beautiful art nouveau backdrop and has a Lovecraft martini. The vibe is typically more on the chill side but I appreciate that. 

Justine's  - taking inspiration from a speakeasy, this bar's entrance is behind a lingerie shop. 

RiffRaff Bookstore & Bar  - Literally named, this is a bar and a bookstore combined so for those of you who want to live within the pages of a book, here is the perfect spot!

Dusk - this bar has goth nights and live music, look over their calendar when planning your trip and possibly match it up with an awesome metal, goth, indie etc show! 

the Hot Club - this bar has amazing views over the water both inside and out and a pretty well known karaoke night. 

Lili Marlene's - This may be my favorite bar because it is typically quiet, has available seating and the lighting is very very dim. like inside a coffin dim.

the Stable - One of the better known gay bars in the city, their Sangria is amazing.

the Dark Lady - Half bar/ half club I always have a good time here. The drag Queens are great, the pole dancers are fun to watch and the karaoke night is amazing.