Tricks & Treats (yo self)


Obviously we want you to come into our shop but there are a lot of indie places to browse and buy while you're here! Here is a list of places to shop for presents (for you).


Armageddon Record Store - this is your perfect metal, goth, indie etc record store -- it reminds me of browsing for music as a teen in the 90s and obviously that is an experience we all miss.

the Torchbearer Tattoo - located directly next door to us, these guys are not only super talented but also very nice and welcoming. Easily the best shop in Providence and one of the greats around New England. get your lovecraft tattoo here.  

Rockstar Piercing - while we are on the subject, this shop is very well known nationally for its talented piercers, beautiful locations and selection of jewelry. ask for Meg! 

NAVA - beautifully curated and expertly merchandised, this store's vibe is what major chains like anthropology are chasing. 

Bedlam - maybe Providence's longest running gothic subculture clothing store. this is def where I would've shopped in 1997 before going to see Marilyn Manson.

the Providence Flea - a not gross flea market! lots of local creators, thrift and antiques! and food trucks!