Goth Things Around Providence

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Ok, not technically in Providence, but a very quick drive (about 25 mins)! The tour is so fun and you can pop over to the place where the Borden's are buried as well. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this murder house! 


Swan Point Cemetery

This is the burial place of local celebrity, H.P. Lovecraft! The cemetery is pristine and beautiful, but the security is really weird about people taking pictures here so take a quick look around before snapping photos. 


the Grave of Mercy Brown

The well known alleged vampire is buried here, in Rhode Island and her grave (as well as the above ground crypt from history and folklore) are still accessible. Bring her something nice to leave at the headstone! I left her a ring when I first moved to Providence.


The Conjuring 

The actual house from the haunting tale is located in Rhode Island, as well as the grave of the now famous ghost Bathesheba. The family isnt very welcoming to lurkers so it isnt easy to peak the house where the actual events took place. The house also looks NOTHING like the movie version. Nevertheless, you can visit the perimeter and the graveyard.  Harrisville Cemetery in BurrillvilleRhode Island


Lovecraft Arts & Sciences

a store in the Providence Arcade that serves as both a visitor center for H.P. Lovecraft fans and an emporium of related books, art, and curiosities.


Providence Athenaeum

Opened in 1838, Famous Authors Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe spent time in this beautiful and historic library. It is a must visit if you are in the city. 


Benefit Street

This street is like time traveling back to historic New England. This is where you will find a collection of original homes. Its very pretty and probably the image everyone has of Providence in their heads. 


Ghost Tour

The Providence Ghost Tour is a walking tour on the east side of the city lead by lantern! I am a sucker for historical walking tours! 


Mansions in Newport

Again, not exactly in Providence but a drive-able day trip and worth it! Newport has some of the most ridiculous mansions open to the public for touring. like, RIDICULOUS. This port city also has it's own cute nightlife and food and tourism, so be sure to look for more fun things to so while you're there! Like ghost tours.


Newport Ghost Tour

They offer a couple of options for tours so you can pick which adventure you would like. I love this tour and definitely recommend it for visitors or locals!


Museum of Natural History & Planetarium

Located in Roger Williams Park  ( a historic park created in the 1870s featuring a zoo, botanical garden and this museum!) the Natural History Museum is not huge but it is full of old Victorian charm and exhibits that seem to have existed since 1901.  Bonus, cheap admission! & the park has a little cemetery plot for its founders as well. Zoo, Cemetery, Plants, Space and Natural History all in one place.