Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some of my personal picks for the perfect gift. Especially if you have a goth babe in your life. These items are ones I have either been dreaming of or pieces I own that I get countless compliments on.  Drum roll please!

Prophecy Necklace

By the Small Beast, Hand cut and destroyed sterling silver. Made from the traditional metal of Luna, this pendant is perfect for working with New Moon energies

Addams Family Flash Print 

Artist Quyen Dinh makes amazing pop culture prints that you or a loved one wants to have on your crypt wall.


The Cemetery Gates

You can not go wrong with any items on this site. Everything has been carefully curated by a spooky expert. 


Natural Perfume

the company name is "For Strange Women". End point.


Black Veil Studio

Brothers, Matthew & Ryan, have created so much beautiful artwork to choose from in various forms. From Apparel to Postcards, you are guaranteed to find something for your beloved. 


Your Gothic Granny

"Slightly Spooky Stitch Crafts" aka amazingly beautiful and unique works of art. 


Finely Bound Leather Journal

Your lovely witch deserves to keep his/her secrets and spells in a journal crafted with devotion and expertise. Think of the generations to come that will hold a book this lovely in their hands and dream of the author. 


Dark Wave Tarot Cards

Last Craft Designs made this deck for all of us who obsess over the perfect mix-tape. 

Serpents Whisper Ear Bracelet

This piece from Mercury Hour is amazing for two reasons; first, it rules. Second, you do not need to know any sizing info for the intended! It is an adjustable piece and fits any ear!


Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

Whenever I travel, I always consult for interesting places I may want to see. This is an essential addition to any wanderlust's library. 

Death Salon / Mutter Museum

We have been excited about this for awhile and I am so happy that I can finally share the news! We are going to be a vendor at this year's Death Salon in Philly at the Mutter Museum! Not having yet been to the Museum I am out of my mind with anticipation! On top of just the amazing venue,  the speakers and presentations planned this time around are what my deathy nerdy dreams are made of and our co-vendors are humbling to say the very least. I can not wait to buy up everything around us!



Tickets tend to sell out very Very VERY fast so hopefully you grab some up before they are gone and we will see you there! Find more information HERE 





Our Playlist

Because Music is such a huge influence on us here at Burke & Hare Co (we have an entire line dedicated to a specific genre after all) We decided to share what we are listening to with our candle friends (you xoxo). We will update as the mood strikes, but this playlist is hand in hand with our Darkwave collection. Dedicated and inspired by the bands and subculture that has inspired us for so long. New and Classic, Dancy or Somber, we cant get enough.