Death Salon / Mutter Museum

We have been excited about this for awhile and I am so happy that I can finally share the news! We are going to be a vendor at this year's Death Salon in Philly at the Mutter Museum! Not having yet been to the Museum I am out of my mind with anticipation! On top of just the amazing venue,  the speakers and presentations planned this time around are what my deathy nerdy dreams are made of and our co-vendors are humbling to say the very least. I can not wait to buy up everything around us!



Tickets tend to sell out very Very VERY fast so hopefully you grab some up before they are gone and we will see you there! Find more information HERE 





Wax and Wane

We knew that it was important to choose a good foundation for our candles. Wax type is so important for so many reasons, including how well the candle burns, how much scent it can give and even the appearance of the candle and ontop of those basic functions it also has an environmental concern over the way waxes are obtained and processed that can be a major factor for our buyers. It was time to do some research and here is what we decided…

Bees Wax – no thanks. We love bees but the practices of obtaining their wax was so hazy and varied that we decided it was the last choice for us. Plus, vegans!

Soy Wax – This was interesting. Being skeptical in nature we didn’t want to take this wax at face value and decided to look into it a little more. In our everyday life we had already discovered that the overuse of Soy in place of dairy or meats wasn’t necessarily the most healthy choice despite all the hype so we wondered if that was true of other soy bean derivatives and it seems so. No other country in the world produces Soy wax, America is currently the only producer of this product and despite being labeled “natural” and “sustainable” and “clean” its manufactured with GMO beans on farms that use pesticides and chemicals. The wax is extracted through bleaches and chemical processes and in the end, that’s not really as clean and wonderful as its being marketed as. On top of that information, Soy wax sort of sucks at making thoroughly scented candles. We decided to keep looking.

Palm Waxes – what a dream come true! Now this sounded good. Actually clean, definitely less processed! Oh, wait what—totally responsible for the unethical destruction of forests in Asia? No thanks. Can’t support that.

Paraffin waxes – Well, its based in crude oil and is a limited resource. Some people stated that it released chemicals when burned. Ok wait, is ANY wax alright?

So we definitely said NO to Palm and Bees. Soy has some good pros (American made, renewable resource etc) and Paraffin had a some pros as well (although more expensive, it also burned easier and behaved better) so we deferred to the National Candle Assoc  which gave us these facts:

  • All waxes are primarily hydrocarbons, whether of animal, vegetable, or petroleum origin. The chemical composition of all candle making waxes is similar, and all candle waxes burn in the same manner.
  •  No specific type of wax or wax blend is considered "best" for candle making. All waxes - when provided in high-quality format - have been shown to burn cleanly, safely and in the same manner.
  •  No candle wax has ever been shown to be toxic or harmful to human health.
  •  There is no such thing as a soot-free wax

We then also read a study which confirmed that even side by side soot burning soy wax and soot burning paraffin have nearly the same amount of emissions which are well below any level of concern (this study can be found on the American Candle Assoc website under “Research”).

So, we made our own custom blend. We use a highly rated soy and a high quality paraffin, we do not use any metal core wicks and we test and retest our burn quality. We use phthalate free fragrances. Our containers can all be recycled and re-purposed and after all the research and debates that we poured over, we decided that this combination of elements have created a perfectly balanced and impressive candles for you to enjoy.

And us. We enjoy them too.



Our Playlist

Because Music is such a huge influence on us here at Burke & Hare Co (we have an entire line dedicated to a specific genre after all) We decided to share what we are listening to with our candle friends (you xoxo). We will update as the mood strikes, but this playlist is hand in hand with our Darkwave collection. Dedicated and inspired by the bands and subculture that has inspired us for so long. New and Classic, Dancy or Somber, we cant get enough.