Our Story

Burke & Hare Co was established in 2011 by owner/designer Erica with the goal of creating specialty items of a darker aesthetic without compromising a refined and more mature taste. Heavily influenced by her penchant for the dark and dreary along with music of the sort, we strive to find beauty in superstitions, natural magic and the history of the occult. 

Having always utilized candles as decorative items both for their light and for their presence, it seemed rare to find scents and imagery specific to these interests. Motivated by the desire to possess beautiful and macabre items -- the Pillar candles and a Scented candle line was created. Along the way we have also had the pleasure of working with amazing people such as Death Salon, the Mutter Museum, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Heather Bailey, the Providence Library, Ron Wells, Sword and Scale, and Gypsy Warrior just to name a few. We are excited to continue our collaboration projects in the future!

Located in Providence, RI the shop is growing with even more influences from classic ghost stories and New England folklore as well as the appreciation for our own history as girls who have always loved graveyards and black cats. This year we also opened a store called October! Stocked with our beloved candles, we also brought in as many of our favorite dark artists and creators and hope to continue to build a brand alongside so many other talented independent artists! 




What candle do you think I would like?

- Fragrances are personal, we get emails all the time asking us to recommend something but its not easy to do. We try to write the descriptions to be as reflective of the scent as possible. Senses are also diverse, you may smell cinnamon in one thing while another person is smelling patchouli.  

Are your candles strongly scented?

- We think so. We tend to use a touch more fragrance and formulate our waxes for the best throw possible. There are things you can do as well to get the more out of your candle, most importantly burn them for at least 2 hrs at a time. You want a melt pool that reaches the edges of the glass, this will also prevent "tunneling". 

The candle I want is out of stock, will you be getting more? When will it be available again?

- The honest answer, when we have time to make more. There is no scheduled date to restock items, we are a small business and we work as fast as we can and restock as quickly as possible. We will not have a definite answer for you, but we typically restock candles 3-5 days and bath and body 1-2 weeks.

Do your candles "Burn Clean"?

- Yes, they do. If you see any soot, this is most likely coming from your wick which may not have been trimmed before lighting. Be sure to trim your wicks!

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

- If you are planning a party or event, we can offer a discount on orders over 24 items. Please contact us to see if we are able to accommodate your order and for additional information.

I have a benefit for _____ will you donate x amount of candles?

- We are a very small business and at this time we are not able to offer donations although we appreciate the consideration and hope to someday be able to participate.

I ordered 3 days ago, when will i receive my items?

- Our typical turnaround averages 5-7 business days. During the holidays the turnaround might be longer, 7-15 business days. Please consider these possible delays prior to ordering. Ordering a gift a few days beforehand may result in disappointment :(

Why is International Shipping so expensive?

- We dont know. We use USPS rates and do not assign the costs, however candles are heavy items and the pricing is determined by weight. 

Will you make my design into a candle / design a candle for me?

- We do consider all offers to collaborate, but we are not able to accept every offer. Usually because of time constraints, but we also want to make sure all our collaborations are cohesive with our aesthetic. Send us an email for more information! But please keep in mind we like black and graveyards.

Are your candles vegan? 

We do not use any animal byproducts and our fragrance oil suppliers do not test on animals! We are Vegan friendly!